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Big Brain Literacy Program (BBLP) is focused on educating others by providing a variety of services for learning. This includes personalized student workshops, presentations and free resources! With a wide range of services provided, we aim to be as accessible as possible to help!

What are Literacy Presentations?

BBLP’s literacy presentations aim to strengthen the next generation's financial literacy. We offer interactive workshops, presentations and webinars, which allows us the flexibility of being in-person or virtual. Presentation topics include budgeting, positive spending, debt management and scam protection. Personalized presentations on topics that you choose are also available upon request. 

Money Simplified

This section contains a variety of articles that explain and educate on complex financial topics such as taxes, credit, homeownership, and more! With such a diverse availability of topics, we provide articles that are useful for everyone!

You can find our articles here

Resume to the Rescue

Coming Soon!

Old City
University Building

Interview Town

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Our Tools

This section is all about our resources. After thorough research and investigation, our team has collected an array of budget friendly resources for you to use if you need a helping hand. 

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